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Data Protection Services 

We help safeguard your data, and save you the costs associated with recruiting and employing a full-time Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Are you DPA compliant?

If not, we can help. Contact AVLA for a free consultation.


1. Coordinate Communication 

  • Liaise with the Office of the Information Commissioner 

  • Respond to information access requests, complaints, or customer queries.

2. Legal Consultation

  • Practical guidance and training on navigating the complexities of data protection laws

  • Comprehensive assessment of legal developments and emerging threats.

3. Data Security Management 

  • Execute data breach response protocol in event of an incident

  • Undertake audits and investigations to mitigate against business risks 

4. Report Preparation

  • Generating management reports and other company data for internal use, annual reports, Stock Exchange etc

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