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AVLA Jamaica

We at AVLA are committed to make life easy for the  business community  by creating and delivering practical solutions across data protection, data security or data privacy.

Born out of years of working with and providing expert advice on data protection laws -  the name AVLA was inspired by a district called Alva which is located in St. Ann, Jamaica. 

We are a boutique consultancy and pride ourselves in taking a pragmatic approach to complex situations.  Our size and business model provides us with a competitive edge,  enabling us to develop personalised solutions to meet the needs of individual customers.

With our experience and knowledge of Jamaican culture we are well placed to support the local marketplace to both navigate the complexities of the Data Protection Act and take advantage of the burgeoning Jamaican digital economy. .


You can trust us because:


Our company director is a recognised expert in data protection. He is legally trained with a LLB (Hons) Law from a London university and  Master of Information Rights Laws, including data protection (obtained from Northumbria University, United Kingdom). This, together with being an Attorney-at-Law, enables us to analyse legislation and case law to provide advice or information in plain language to organisations and residents.

Our technical expertise and hands-on experience across four legal jurisdictions allows us to take an agile approach to different issues by drawing on over 15 years’ experience of United Kingdom and European Union data protection laws, including the GDPR.


Our credentials are  further reinforced by our extensive experience in providing advice and training to organisations across the private sector, local government, healthcare and the education sector. 


With our proven track record of designing, delivering  and assessing university accredited courses for employees across the public and private sectors, we have a unique advantage of engaging with organisations to develop their workforce at all levels.

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