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Compliance Requirements for Organizations

What does the law say you must do to achieve compliance ?


  • Comply with the rights of data subjects (ie. persons whose information you collect, store, share or delete).​


  • Register with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you process (handle or use in any way) the personal information of data subjects.

  • Complete and submit a data protection impact assessment of all the personal information you hold to the Information Commissioner's office each calendar year.

  • Appoint a data protection officer to monitor your compliance with the data protection act (unless exempt by law).

  • Maintain compliance with the eight data protection standards.



We can Help!


Alva Business Services conducts training on data privacy and data security for staff at all organizational levels so that everyone understands the relevance of the data protection act to their respective role.



Ask us about:


  • Affordable and customized Data Protection Officer Services.

  • Specialist training and ongoing support for Data Protection Officers.


  • Identifying the personal information you hold, mapping your data flows and building data inventories so that you can achieve registration compliance with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


  • Managing and mitigating risks by completing the mandated data protection impact assessments.


  • Developing robust systems for managing records including what information should be retained, and the ideal retention period. 


  • Using, sharing, and disposal of information securely, safely and confidentially.


  • Handling requests from persons wishing to access their records, including the resolution of complaints arising from such requests.


  • Coordinating, investigating and action plans in the event of a data breach.

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