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Data Protection Officer Services 

We will save you the costs associated with recruiting and employing a full-time data
protection officer.

We will help you safeguard your data and comply with the law.

Let us take the load from you

Handle communications 

We will communicate with the Information Commissioner on your behalf and respond to information access requests, complaints or queries from your customers.


Provide advice and guidance

We will provide practical advice, guidance and training as and when required to support employees to navigate the complexities of data protection laws


Manage data security  incidents 

We will manage any data breach incident and undertake audits and investigations in order to mitigate against business risks 


Draft management reports

We will prepare management reports and scan the horizon to keep you updated of legal changes and emerging threats.

Contact our team today to explore how we can help your organization become compliant with the new Data Protection Act

in a cost-efficient manner.


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