We create and deliver, cost-effective, practical and sustainable solutions to organisations and individuals regarding Data Protection and GDPR; Customer Care and Complaint Management;  Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests. 


Data Protection and GDPR

Our Data Protection solutions help organisations to comply with data protection laws, mitigate against business risks and avoid financial penalties.


In this Information Age business transactions are increasingly conducted electronically and personal information about customers are held digitally. There is increase customer awareness of their data protection rights. Customers are unlikely to do business with organisations that do not comply with data protection principles or have robust security systems in place to protect their personal data from unauthorised access or data security breaches, including cyber security.

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Freedom of Information 

We make it easy for organisations and individuals to navigate the complexities of access to information laws.


The public have a legal right to make requests to government bodies for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

The principles underpinning the Freedom of Information Act are to enable citizens to gain insight into the decision-making processes so that they can understand how decisions are made and have the opportunity to hold government bodies to account for spending public funds.

The Environmental Information Regulations enable people with the right to access information on public authorities environmental activities which  can have a positive impact and help to reduce climate change.


Customer Care and Complaint Management

We support organisations to improve their customer experience with first-class customer care and complaints handling, embedding learning to improve service delivery and avoid complaints.


Good customer care provides a competitive advantage to businesses, creating opportunities to maintain and expand their customer base. Good customer care is also  pivotal to improving business reputation and securing financial success.

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