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AVLA has the Answers.

Our mission is to interpret and simplify the laws regarding Information Governance, promote the benefits of Data Protection and Customer Care, while creating sustainable business solutions to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders with pragmatism and efficiency.


ARTICLE: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 
by: Nicholas Foster

"The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Data Protection Act 2018 have ushered in new rights for individuals..."

Jamaica Gleaner; March 19, 2023

"The new Data Protection Act is now in effect in Jamaica, and it’s time to ensure that your company is compliant.  The Act provides strict guidelines..."

Using IT Devices Safely Appropriately

1. Use only company issued devices for work duties, instead of personal devices.

2. Keep your password and login details secret.

Staff Guidance on Data Quality and Record Keeping

This guidance is relevant to staff who have responsibility for creating care or personnel records.  The guidance should match the procedures you have in your organization...

This is a Good Practice Guidance on complaints handling for England and Wales

Continuous Service Improvement

The National Complaints Managers’ Group (NCMG) is a forum representing Adults, Children & Families Social Care Complaints Managers from local authorities in England.

This document has been developed by complaints managers representing local authorities across England.

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Embedding Information Security Culture

Promoting a no-blame culture is crucial to embedding positive behaviors regarding data privacy and data protection. Employees are our strongest asset or weakest link. Individuals will not report internal data security breaches if they think they'll be reprimanded.

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